Naturally Healthy & Comfortable with NaturalLook™ Dentures

With better dentures from Sommer Denture Centre, the result is a more life-like appearance. Nature intended your teeth to look and feel a certain way, so capturing many subtle characteristics for a lifelike smile is the art of making good dentures. Study someone’s teeth closely. They are not precisely aligned. They have varying shapes and lengths. You will see more or less of each person’s gums as they smile. Every factor determines a denture that naturally complements your individual looks versus one that is conspicuously artificial.

Now, with NaturalLook™ dentures from Sommer Denture Centre, it’s possible to have a beautiful new smile that looks naturally healthy and attractive. NaturalLook™ dentures are designed expressly for you based on your prior dental records, the details of your face – its size, shape, contours and features – and the colour of your hair, eyes and complexion. Contact Sommer Denture Centre for a free initial consultation to learn how we create your denture to restore the natural contour of your lips and facial muscles. You can have a comfortable fit and proper function right away!

BPS® – Precision Techniques for Custom Dentures
Precision BPS® Dentures, developed by Ivoclar, also utilize premium materials and precision techniques to create customized dentures. A BPS® denture utilizes a specially coordinated system of products, instruments, set-up techniques and training which is available exclusively to certified BPS® dental practitioners like those at the Sommer Denture Centre. With BPS®, dentures are made to the most exacting standards, taking into consideration the unique requirements of each patient.

Facial Analysis & Custom Fabrication
First, state-of-the-art instruments measure and thoroughly analyze your individual facial information. Then Ivoclar’s unique Ivocap injection system forms the denture base that compensates for the shrinkage and ensures a more comfortable fit to enhance eating and speaking. Next, premium Ivoclar denture teeth reflect light through several layers that mimic your own teeth for a natural smile. Best of all, a BPS® denture resists wear, chipping and staining.

Ultra Suction™ Dentures – Non-Invasive & Stable
If you wear full dentures, then you know that when eating, drinking and talking your dentures move sideways, backwards and forwards. Your upper denture may be more stable because it relies mainly on the palate to provide some form of vacuum. The lower denture doesn’t have the same suction, so a gap opens between the gum and the denture, making it less secure. Plus, wearing dentures for several years causes gum shrinkage that leads to ill-fitting dentures.

Eat & Smile Confidently & Securely
Ultra Suction™ is a unique denture retention system, which offers a successful, economic and non-invasive way to solve the problems of loose dentures. With 2 tiny Ultra Suction™ one-way valves on each side of your denture when you bite firmly, the air trapped between your gum and the denture is expelled through the valves. Then the vacuum created in your mouth leads to a better fit to the gum, giving your dentures a firm and secure feeling.

Sommer Denture Centre can fit your Ultra Suction™ on either your existing dentures during relining or as we make your new dentures. Learn more at the Ultra Suction™ information page for patients.