Don’t Wait Long – Immediate Dentures from Sommer Denture Centre

When complete extractions of your remaining teeth become unavoidable, an immediate denture could be a solution. Immediate dentures help you avoid the embarrassment of being without teeth during your healing period. In many cases, your dentures can be made ahead of time.

How Immediate Dentures Work – Quickly
In order to insert a denture at your extraction appointment, Sommer Denture Centre prepares an impression of your existing teeth and gums prior to the extraction surgery. We then construct a denture duplicating your original teeth, which you can wear immediately after extraction. Once healing is complete, you may choose to have new permanent dentures made, or to reline or rebase your immediate dentures for a comfortable fit.

Book a free initial consultation with our denturist to learn if immediate dentures are right for you. Consider the possible benefits:
  • Less pain & irritation of affected areas
  • Control of bleeding & swelling
  • Preventing loss of muscle action & tissue tone
  • Maintenance of normal speech & tongue habits
  • Preventing possible TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders