Sommer Denture Centre Custom Fits Athletic Mouth Guards

Athletic Mouth Guards
Multi-Sport Montage
Football, soccer, hockey or skateboarding – any activity where you risk falls or head contact – you need an athletic mouth guard to protect your teeth. Nearly half of all sports-related mouth injuries occur in the non-contact sports of basketball and baseball. So wearing a professionally-made and custom-fitted athletic mouth guard is an important precaution against concussions, broken or damaged teeth, and injuries to the lips, cheeks and tongue. Arrange an appointment at Sommer Denture Centre to ensure the proper protection, fit and comfort from 1 of the 3 levels of custom athletic mouth guards: regular, super and multi-purpose.

Each level of mouth guard offers improved fit over ready-made or boil-and-bite mouth guards. Each of our mouth guards is specially strengthened to prevent penetration with an extra brace of hardened plastic built in. This deflects forces away from the high-risk upper front teeth. A custom-fit mouth guard from Sommer Denture Centre doesn’t slip out of place with jarring contact and won’t impede breathing. Be more comfortable and talk normally. For further personalization, you can choose your mouth guard from an array of exciting colours and designs.

Protect Your Teeth from the Stress of Grinding & Clenching
First, let’s be clear: For all practical purposes, everyone grinds or clenches their teeth. Some more, some less. And more means pressure 10 times the force of normal chewing. You may do it while under stress, while deep in concentration or when you are angry, and often while you are asleep. Even when we are awake, teeth clenching or grinding is an unconscious habit that can lead to serious tooth damage – wearing, chipping and even breaking.

Don’t damage your smile. Visit Sommer Denture Centre for the latest state-of-the-art developments in protective grinding and clenching guards – safe and comfortable “smile insurance” – that:
  • Prevent contact between your upper &lower teeth
  • Evenly distribute forces as you grind or clench
  • Are precisely custom fitted
  • Have a soft, clear base
  • Are easy to insert &remove
  • Can be worn day & night