When You Need Less Help – Removable Partial Dentures

Saving you some expense, time and discomfort, you may only need to replace one or more intermittent missing natural teeth. According to your particular tooth loss, a removable partial denture might be your answer. Each removable partial from Sommer Denture Centre is designed specifically to meet your needs with the goals of:
  • Restoring the appearance of your smile
  • Allowing you to speak clearly
  • Giving you the ability to eat confidently and efficiently

Why a Removable Partial Denture?
A removable partial denture may help preserve the natural tooth placement by supporting your existing teeth. A partial denture can keep your remaining teeth from rotating, tilting and moving into unsightly and uncomfortable positions. Retaining your natural tooth placement ensures proper chewing and digestion by thoroughly grinding your food.

What Are Your Choices?
The professionals at Sommer Denture Centre determine the appropriate treatment plan and the appropriate partial for you. With newer designs, materials and techniques, partials are more comfortable than ever before. Ask us about the many designs available, some of which have no visible clasps and are virtually undetectable. Our lab fabricates your partial denture according to your remaining teeth and specific needs, including the custom options of:
  • Completely tooth supported
  • Tissue & tooth supported
  • Flexible thermoplastics such as NaturalFlex™ II
  • Implant & tissue supported
  • Constructed of acrylics or a metal & acrylic combination
  • Cast partial denture of chrome cobalt alloy or titanium

NaturalFlex™ II – A New Concept in Partial Dentures!
Since their invention in the early 1930s, partial dentures have been held in place by thin metal clasps – or hooks – placed around your remaining teeth. No matter how well designed, though, these silver-coloured facial clasps often drew attention to the partial. And, over time, they could abrade and damage your remaining teeth.

Now, with NaturalFlex II, Sommer Denture Centre can create a partial using natural-looking, tooth- or tissue-coloured clasps, completely eliminating visible metal display. Almost impossible to see in the mouth, a NaturalFlex II partial is a joy to wear — super strong and tough for long life, yet lightweight and flexible for a truly comfortable fit. No other partial is as easy to insert or remove. With NaturalFlex II, you can smile, talk and chew with greater confidence.

The Virginia Partial™ – Greatly Improves Your Appearance!
You can also preserve your remaining natural teeth with the Virginia Partial. A revolutionary new concept in denture treatment, the Virginia Partial features a special elastomeric band that fits over your remaining natural teeth. This soft, comfortable band not only keeps your new partial denture firmly in place – without metal clasps – but actually cushions and supports your teeth. Even patients with only a few teeth can benefit, especially if those teeth are in a weakened state.

Notice an improvement in your oral appearance. The Virginia Partial’s retentive band is a translucent material that looks very much like your own gums. Even if your gums have receded, the Virginia Partial can restore a natural-looking gum line to give you a new look that will keep you smiling for years.

Book an appointment today at Sommer Denture Centre to see if you are a candidate for a Virginia Partial.