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Protect Your Health – Free Oral Cancer Screenings

Be proactive and protect your health by taking advantage of regular free oral cancer screenings at Sommer Denture Centre. Early detection of oral cancer can increase the cure rate significantly, but a simple visual exam may miss the earliest cellular changes characteristic of cancer. Using the technology of multi-spectral light, the Identafi® system offers an advanced screening tool to focus on lesions on the throat, tongue and mouth.

Is Your Sleeplessness Really Sleep Apnea?
Do you wake up frequently at night short of breath? Are you too sleepy to be your best during the day? Consider a screening for sleep apnea at Sommer Denture Centre. Using sleep testing products from one of the best known innovators in sleep technology, Braebon Medical Corporation, we can help find a pattern and solution to your sleep problems. Call for an appointment at our Concord clinic today.